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How To Lose 3 Kilos In The Simplest Way And Without Sacrifices

Put these tips into practice and get rid of those kilos that always come back with you after the holidays.

We return from the holidays in which we have managed to disconnect “completely” from our daily routine and we have enjoyed nights of wonderful restaurants, mythical grandmother’s meals, dinners with friends and summer red evenings and beers on terraces.

Then, there comes a time when we remember what a weight is or having to put on a pair of office pants and enter the downturn. That post vocational depression goes away with time, once you start redoing the plans in the city or getting used to that damned alarm sound. But the weight is another issue.

You have to do your part to also leave with time, how? We give you some tips to make it easier and, you know, when you want, you can.

1.) How to cook food? Steamed, baked or grilled. Try to peel the food to avoid swelling and if you are a sweet lover, roast the vegetables in their juice until they release all their nutrients, this way you will get a sweet taste that does not make anything fat. Tip: do not overdo the cooking, so that the food does not take long to digest and turn into glucose.

2.) Use dessert plates to eat. Seeing a full plate gives the feeling that you are eating a lot and you feel full before. It makes you serve less quantity. Also, you should eat slowly and chew well. The digestion process starts in the mouth!

3.) Drink water without thirst: Make your kidneys work! If you keep the body in constant hydration, help eradicate accumulated fats. If you drink before meals, the water can make you feel full, if you drink during the meal the acidity of the stomach goes down and the digestion slows down. Curiosity? The colder, the worse, as it solidifies fats.

4.) Beware of skimmed dairy products. In excess they cause fluid retention and make us wish sweet. Never take them for dessert.

5.) Bread yes, but integral. A small dose of carbohydrates in food prevents sweet temptations.

6.) Ally with herbs, some avoid the absorption of fats and sugars and accelerate the metabolization of food.

7.) Eat vegetables two or three times a week. They are low in fat, rich in protein, folic acid, fiber and have vitamins B and E.

8.) Spices and sauces: Substitute salt for healthy spices such as oregano, herbs of Provence, cumin … Among the sauces choose the one of pesto and the Provencal, since its preparation does not take salt, and forget soy. Almost all soybeans and their derivatives are genetically modified, and we must not forget that our body cannot process and digest food that is genetically engineered.

9.) Acid fruits only before meals. If you take them after eating, add sugars, which are quickly absorbed, they are immediately transformed into fat by the rise in insulin.

10.) Starting at noon, bet on satisfying foods such as apple, turkey, prawns or white cheese.

11.) Permitted pecking: Raw vegetables and some nuts such as nuts, chestnuts, raisins and almonds.

12.) Buy ecological and quality products. You will notice the difference!

13.) IMPORTANT! Do not miss sport: if you have not done time, go little by little. The perfect thing is to do at least three times a week. If what you need is to burn fat do sports cardio like Body Combat , cycle, run , jump rope, exercises in which you notice the sweat. If you have already lost enough fat, combine a day of cardio exercise with fitness exercises such as sit-ups, squats, iron.

Final Words: We hope the above the tips will help you to get the right shape you want. If there is no improvement in getting results then don’t be sad. It happens because every person have a different body type & hormones. In this case the experts advice to take weight lose supplements. A lot of peoples don’t know where to buy forskolin or other supplements. For this we advice you to visit & read everything.