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Eating Out When You Have Diabetes

Whether you get to eat some pizzas after a game, go to the mall’s food court or eat some roast ribs in your best friend’s garden, eating out is part of your social life.

You do not want to lose the fun simply by having to control what you eat and the good news is that you do not have to do it. You can eat practically the same foods as your friends and family; simply control what you eat and enjoy some food in moderation.

Which Restaurants Should I Choose?

If you choose where to eat, think of places that offer more options (even fast food restaurants have healthy options on their menus). Whenever possible, look for the nutritional data of the foods you plan to order: like calories, carbohydrates and fat content. This information is available in many restaurant chains (you may need to ask for it) or online.

Do not worry. You’re not limited to places serving only soy burgers and carrot sticks. If you can order a meal that includes a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates, you’ll be fine. But if you find that some restaurants do not offer many veggie options or serve only fried foods covered with cheese, you might want to choose a place that offers more options.

You may find that you will find more healthy breakfast options (like yogurt, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs) in a diner than in a cafeteria; so you can convince your friends to go to a dinner.

But if your friends prefer to go to a coffee shop, you can buy something to take, and carry in your backpack or wallet, a snack that you can easily eat discreetly, such as pretzels or raisins. But some people may feel embarrassed or afraid that the manager will catch their attention. If you think you might find yourself in a situation like this, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to tell you what to do and how to adjust your meal plan or insulin doses.

What Should I Order?

When the time comes to order, follow the same rules of food content and portion sizes that you follow at home. Your meal plan will probably tell you to eat a dish with a good balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In general, you can also get all the nutrients you need in a restaurant.

The Following Tips Can Be Helpful:

Change And Reset: To eat a balanced meal in a restaurant, take the liberty of replacing some ingredients or garnishes (for example, you can replace the chips for a salad). Do not feel weird; people make changes in the menu all the time. You can also ask them to prepare your food differently; for example, to grill the chicken instead of frying it.

Pay Attention To The Garrisons: Avoid foods with sauces and ask for low-fat dressings. Ask not to put the dressing on the food.

Choose Your Own Portion: Portions of restaurants often offer enough food to feed several people, but try to eat the same portion of food you would eat at home. Simply eat only one part of the dish you ordered and take the rest home or share the dish with a friend.

Know The Terms Of The Menus: When you go to your favorite fast food restaurant or sit down to eat at the mall’s food court, beware of the dishes with the words “jumbo,” “oversized,” or “deluxe.” It is best to order menus or sandwiches “junior” or normal size.

Share With A Friend: Do you feel like eating French fries? Ask for a healthy sandwich and a salad for you and eat some potato chips from your friend instead of asking for fries for you. And sharing an entree or a sandwich with your friends also helps keep the portion sizes under control.

Do Not Overdo The Bread And Dough: Choose a pizza with thin crust instead of a pizza with lots of dough and avoid double hamburgers and extra large hot dogs to keep your carbohydrate intake under control. Also, remember that bread and buns usually have fewer calories and fats than half moons and cookies.

The same tips are for eating in your school cafeteria. To eat healthily at school, be sure to pick a variety of healthy foods and pay attention to when you feel full.

What Should I Bring With Me?

When you eat out of your house at Kinton Ramen in Toronto, take the things you carry everywhere, such as your meter, snacks and medicines. If you have a quick reference guide to know the content of foods and portions, it will be easier for you to choose healthy foods. Ask your doctor or nutritionist to give you one. Or use your smartphone to check one of the many sites or applications for nutrition. If you use artificial sweeteners or greasy spreadable, you should also take them with you.

If you take insulin, you do not have to stay at home if you have to eat later than usual; in most cases, simply make some simple adjustments to your medication schedule.