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Choosing A Home Care Service

It can be daunting to try to find a provider or service that will meet your needs or the needs of your loved ones. That’s why home health care little rock have created a list of questions you can ask potential providers or people who have used their services. This information will help you determine which provider or service to choose for your care or for your loved ones.

How Many Years Has The Service Been Available?

  • Does it provide you with all the necessary information, services offered, eligibility criteria, costs of different services and payment options? Most service providers make available to their clients a “Patient Rights Charter” that clearly sets out the rights and responsibilities of each patient. It may also be useful to look at whether the provider offers an annual report or any other information that can help you assess the quality of services.

  • How are caregivers and staff selected and trained? Are employees covered by an insurance contract for malpractice, do they benefit and have they drafted a quality charter?
  • Who evaluates the needs of the client? Are they nurses or therapists? Are health professionals who are already following the patient and family consulted for changes in the care plan?
  • Is the patient’s care documented and detailed for each task that must be taken care of by each individual who will intervene on the patient? Are copies of the updated care plan distributed to the patient’s family and health care professionals? Are supervisors responsible for monitoring the quality of patient care to ensure its safety and adequacy of care? If yes, how often are these checks carried out? If there are problems, can the client and his / her family contact the supervisor? How are reported or observed problems being addressed?
  • How are invoices and payments made? Are detailed financial summaries provided on a regular basis? Are the various financial elements clearly explained to the client and the family?
  • How are emergencies dealt with? Are caregivers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • How are privacy issues dealt with?