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Security At Sea. 10 Recommendations To Fish In Kayak

Without sweating, fishing in kayak is an exciting, fun, but above all challenging activity and more and more amateurs who venture to paddle and fish in open waters. So if you are one of them we invite you to keep reading because in this note we will share some tips to make this practice completely safe and pleasant … How to fish with kayak safely?

Practical advice for fishing in kayak

We want to review a series of tips on fishing with kayak that we should not forget to enjoy quietly:

Use Bold Colors

This may seem simple, but the truth is that it is an aspect that should not be underestimated. In fact, using the right colors to fish in a kayak can save your life.

That’s right, the color of the kayak , the lifebuoy, the neoprene suit, and even the rowing, play a fundamental role in your safety at sea . The most visible colorations in the sea are yellowish, reddish or orange and even more if they are fluorescent.

Safety reflective tapes can also be very useful that you can find in any boat, but in general it is recommended to use bright colors that facilitate the proper visibility of the paddler both by other fishermen or paddlers, and by larger boats, especially when fishing is perform in port areas or high maritime traffic.

Red and yellow are the colors most used today because they are the best contrast with sea water. That is why the market is flooded with equipment and clothing with these tones, or in other words, its use is not a mere coincidence.

Less bright or dull colors such as gray, blue, green, black or white are less visible and this causes them to mimic the distance because they are often confused with the surf foam of the sea, thus increasing the possibility that they can not be sighted easily and this is undoubtedly very dangerous.

Make Sure You Know How To Navigate

Knowing how to identify the variables that influence the navigation process is highly relevant when fishing in kayak, but the fun or excitement about what will come can not tarnish the safety of the paddler, his companions or other navigators.

That is why fishermen should know where the current is going or where it is derived , or what is the direction of the swell and wind since these tactical and environmental factors are useful to take advantage of its natural drive.

It is not appropriate or safe to sail when there are winds higher than 14 knots (25 kilometers per hour approximately), or in case that waves are forming more than 1 meter high.

An intelligent tactic is to put the greatest push force in the stern of the kayak , whether it comes from the waves, wind or water current, so that the paddling is not so forced and strenuous, but above all, so that the displacement is achieved at a higher speed.

In simpler words, the idea is to take advantage of what nature offers instead of opposing its force vectors.

Report Your Departure And Destination

It never hurts to tell others about your idea of going fishing in a kayak . This will allow them to locate you more easily in the event of an unforeseen event, so it is good to leave a notice about the destination to which you are going and also about the expected time of return. And also, to enjoy a nice marine fishing , you can always see the article or visit this website Outdoorpromasters ,if you want to know more on fishing kayaking .

Know The Distress And Warning Signs

Another important point to consider is the beep. Yes, this transcends the childish connotation of using a whistle because in fact this small device can make the difference between good and evil when you are at sea.

A distress signal from a small boat such as a kayak consists in giving three strong and short whistles , although it is also valid to take the paddle with both hands and lift one of its paddles in flag signal. You must make sure that the paddle adopts an upright position, perpendicular to the kayak, to then be able to make a fast rotating movement. You can also download and consult a navigation app that we highly recommend.

Those would be the emergency warnings of the rower, but the protocol changes when it comes to large ships. That’s right, when they need to warn that the presence of the navigator threatens maritime security, they must emit 5 short beeps -or more- with the whistle of the ship.

Use The Appropriate Equipment

In kayak fishing every detail counts; from the safety anchors, the life jacket to the complete anchoring package . This means that the appropriate equipment must be used to carry out this activity successfully, preserving your physical integrity and that of others, because the most advisable thing is to be carried out accompanied, never alone.

Landscaper: A Professional Of Art And Functionality

Now, there are other professions that are not considered or treated as artists and that really are.  We are talking about the “Landscape Professionals” . Those professionals who manage, maintain and develop landscaped, landscaped areas, natural or artificial parks, and whose performance includes the future planning of the management of all landscaping.

What services does a landscaper offer?

Among the many performances linked to Landscape Architects  we can highlight the following.

1. Design and planning of parks and gardens

2. Planning, design and management of natural landscapes

3. Planning of business areas

4. Strategic management and planning of important natural areas

5. Design management plans for clients (private gardens, public, outdoor areas of buildings etc)

6. Advice on the appropriate plant design for any of the treated areas. (shapes, colors, arrangements and maintenance).

7. Management and planning of the environmental impacts of urban planning or other infrastructures.

What is the price of hiring a landscaper?

Determining an average price linked to the performance of a landscape is always complicated. There are many factors that influence the determination of a tight budget.
1. Typology of the project
2. The location of the landscape project
3. Estimated duration of the project
4. The material used in the development of the project

However, the average prices of landscaping projects in Madrid range from 400 to 64,000, the average amount being 21,000 per project. If we move geographically and hire a landscaper , the average price per project drops to 10,000.
With all this, each client is exclusive and their demands have to be addressed in a specific way.

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