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Features Private Security Contracts

These contracts are called adhesion or bulk. They target consumers of security services (such as surveillance and protection of persons and property, alarm system installation, alarm management services, video surveillance etc.) involved with entrepreneurs who have the status of Security Companies authorized by the Ministry of Interior , whose material content of the clauses are integrated by normatively imposed by the security company loaning at least according to the information provided in the regulations approved by the Ministry of Interior.

We really find Contracts composed of General Conditions of Contract in which the company has to meet the requirements of consumer legislation and sector-specific legislation on Interior.

 In any case, the Security Company is obliged to deliver free to the consumer a copy or receipt of contract Security Services Orlando in private document (on paper or in digital form).

The Users

In these contracts, the special nature of its object, the consumer also assumes specific obligations. Thus, the Private Security Act contains a number of unlawful conduct in which may incur the wearer of these services by neglecting his duties (dereliction of duty inspection and maintenance of equipment, use of non-approved equipment, no communication fault management services faulty alarms, etc.).

There is also a type of users of private security services, which are not specifically consumers, who are obliged to contract with Security Companies certain services and measures unique safety against risks of theft or intrusion for those commercial establishments, industrial or service because of their uniqueness, location of facilities, customer concentration, volume of funds handled, value of their personal property, in order to reduce or alleviate possible incidence of criminal activity by offering guarantees for the maintenance of public safety (banks, jewelers, service stations, retail pharmacies Lottery Administration, etc.).

Private Security Companies

We must consider as such any natural or legal person obtaining the mandatory administrative authorization, after completing the administrative procedure required in regulations, to develop at least one of the appraised exclusive activities, under the special duty of assistance and cooperation with the Forces and security agencies that are imposed by informing them of any circumstances and relevant to the maintenance or restoration of public safety as well as all the crimes of which they are aware in the development of the activity or activities information.

Security companies are obliged to put in writing to the consumer the service contract signed, and to report to the police, individually, the date of commencement of service and cancellation, the kind of contract activity and its amendments, the natural or legal person contracting, the place of service delivery and the duration of the contract and other aspects.