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What Lights To Buy

It’s time to acquire the lights. In part, it will depend on the size of your growing cabinet or the variety you are growing. If, for example, you have a short flowering period, a 90 W is ideal. On the other hand, if you are going to acquire them by valuing the surface, if this is less than 1 m2, there are 120 W lamps that will do their job well. For a little more space, but not too much more, there are those of 130 W.

On the other hand, for larger spaces, such as 120×120 centimeters, you have to bet for 200 W: they also serve for mother plants and it is easy to operate with them if you have a rail. Finally, the 280 W are great for SOG and SCROG crops. In any case, the closet space does not have to be very large: since the lights emit little heat, if we want to grow several plants at the same time we can approach them without risk to burn, so it is not necessary to invest money in one of them. large proportions. This factor, especially in summer, will help to make the temperatures more adjustable.

All bulbs described serve to phases of growth and flowering, but remember that also there for one and another phase, with a service life of 30,000 hours, and hooks a connection cable to the mains. These lamps are 26 W; If you need something more powerful, up to 440 W, try a Dominator 2X by Lush Lighting  which, due to its dimensions (103x27x13.3 centimeters), is ideal for a large closet.

LED lighting can also help you when observing trichomes. There are portable microscopes with LED lighting , such as 45X and x100 (45 and 100X, respectively), which check the good condition of the buds and if you are already fit for cultivation. They can also be used to monitor diseases and pests.

Warnings When Operating With LED Lights

Although all are wonders with the LEDs, we must take into account certain tips. At the beginning we warned you that the lights can not be at a certain distance. This implies that, if the plant is very tall or stretched, the light will have difficulties to reach the lower parts. But this factor does not mean that we have to discard this type of lighting, but we could bet on cultivation techniques such as Low Stress Training (LST) , with which we control the height by making the plants grow horizontally.

Since its potency is usually the same all the time and can last several years, LEDs are one of the best options to grow marijuana. It only remains that you do with the rest of the equipment for your indoor cultivation and that you put yourself with it. Good harvest! If you looking for LED Grow Light we have plenty of them ideal for different applications such as LED Aquarium Lighting and many others. Visit the given links to know more.