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How To Lose 3 Kilos In The Simplest Way And Without Sacrifices

Put these tips into practice and get rid of those kilos that always come back with you after the holidays.

We return from the holidays in which we have managed to disconnect “completely” from our daily routine and we have enjoyed nights of wonderful restaurants, mythical grandmother’s meals, dinners with friends and summer red evenings and beers on terraces.

Then, there comes a time when we remember what a weight is or having to put on a pair of office pants and enter the downturn. That post vocational depression goes away with time, once you start redoing the plans in the city or getting used to that damned alarm sound. But the weight is another issue.

You have to do your part to also leave with time, how? We give you some tips to make it easier and, you know, when you want, you can.

1.) How to cook food? Steamed, baked or grilled. Try to peel the food to avoid swelling and if you are a sweet lover, roast the vegetables in their juice until they release all their nutrients, this way you will get a sweet taste that does not make anything fat. Tip: do not overdo the cooking, so that the food does not take long to digest and turn into glucose.

2.) Use dessert plates to eat. Seeing a full plate gives the feeling that you are eating a lot and you feel full before. It makes you serve less quantity. Also, you should eat slowly and chew well. The digestion process starts in the mouth!

3.) Drink water without thirst: Make your kidneys work! If you keep the body in constant hydration, help eradicate accumulated fats. If you drink before meals, the water can make you feel full, if you drink during the meal the acidity of the stomach goes down and the digestion slows down. Curiosity? The colder, the worse, as it solidifies fats.

4.) Beware of skimmed dairy products. In excess they cause fluid retention and make us wish sweet. Never take them for dessert.

5.) Bread yes, but integral. A small dose of carbohydrates in food prevents sweet temptations.

6.) Ally with herbs, some avoid the absorption of fats and sugars and accelerate the metabolization of food.

7.) Eat vegetables two or three times a week. They are low in fat, rich in protein, folic acid, fiber and have vitamins B and E.

8.) Spices and sauces: Substitute salt for healthy spices such as oregano, herbs of Provence, cumin … Among the sauces choose the one of pesto and the Provencal, since its preparation does not take salt, and forget soy. Almost all soybeans and their derivatives are genetically modified, and we must not forget that our body cannot process and digest food that is genetically engineered.

9.) Acid fruits only before meals. If you take them after eating, add sugars, which are quickly absorbed, they are immediately transformed into fat by the rise in insulin.

10.) Starting at noon, bet on satisfying foods such as apple, turkey, prawns or white cheese.

11.) Permitted pecking: Raw vegetables and some nuts such as nuts, chestnuts, raisins and almonds.

12.) Buy ecological and quality products. You will notice the difference!

13.) IMPORTANT! Do not miss sport: if you have not done time, go little by little. The perfect thing is to do at least three times a week. If what you need is to burn fat do sports cardio like Body Combat , cycle, run , jump rope, exercises in which you notice the sweat. If you have already lost enough fat, combine a day of cardio exercise with fitness exercises such as sit-ups, squats, iron.

Final Words: We hope the above the tips will help you to get the right shape you want. If there is no improvement in getting results then don’t be sad. It happens because every person have a different body type & hormones. In this case the experts advice to take weight lose supplements. A lot of peoples don’t know where to buy forskolin or other supplements. For this we advice you to visit & read everything.

Popular Methods To Enlarge Penis

Read very carefully since it depends on you to choose the most appropriate way according to the final result you are looking for, whether it is a quick, temporary or a permanent result, of course our recommendation will always be natural methods, mainly because they are low cost and have no contraindications, then I will share with you different methods that exist to enlarge the penis , if you choose the one that best suits what you need your results will be amazing, just choose carefully.

1.) Jelqing Advanced Training Portal (Recommended)

The Enlargement Portal is the best option if you want to make your penis longer and thicker, as it guides you step by step in a personalized way with tutorials and videos which you just have to follow to achieve amazing results in such a short time.

The portal is a private access website, which you can enter with your username and password once you register, the truth has changed the lives of more than 15 thousand men to achieve increase their manhood in a really incredible way, there are testimonies of guys that went from 14 cm to 21 cm in just 3 months.

This portal was created by a former actor in the porn film industry who made the news by revealing to the world how the actors of the xxx film industry managed to enlarge their members in a matter of a few weeks with the now famous jelqing exercises.

What’s Inside the Portal?

Within the portal to enlarge the penis you will find:

  • More than 30 videos in HD explaining step by step how to do each exercise
  • Videos to learn how to correct the curvature of the penis
  • Videos where it is explained that exercises are the most effective for the thickness of the penis
  • Videos where they teach how to do the Kegel Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

Additional Bonuses

Would you like to know how porn actors have members up to 25 cm? do not think they always had it of that size they used the jelqing method to increase the size of their member by several cm, and today my friend will reveal what this technique consists of and also know first hand the New Online Portal of Penis Enlargement created by a former actor in the adult film industry, who has uncovered this secret to grow the penis that was so well kept.

The Jelqing Advanced Training currently has more than 15,000 registered men on its platform who have already achieved amazing results of more than 8 or 10 cm of increase in the length of their virile member and several cm in thickness, according to the data found in

2.) Vacuum Pumps

The well-known vacuum pumps are cylindrical shaped devices that are placed in the penis and by means of a small air pump all the air inside the device is sucked, making the pressure to make the cavernous bodies of the penis stretch. and in this way more blood in them and thus have the bigger and harder penis but only for a few hours since the result is not permanent.

There are 3 types of vacuum pumps to make your penis get bigger these are:

  • Manual pumps
  • Electric pumps
  • Shower pumps

It should be noted that these pumps are a solution but only if you are looking for something temporary, since its effects are not permanent at all, and after a few minutes the member returns to its original size.

3.) The Elongation Surgery

The Penis Enlargement Surgery is the most risky technique to achieve increase the cm of our little friend, what is done in surgery is to cut the suspensory ligament that is the one that holds the limb in the pubic bone, in this way the penis You will see longer (approx 2 cm) in the network you can find positive testimonies of this method, but you will also find many negative comments from men who were forever impotent after practicing penis surgery.

Surgery is a method which I do not recommend for anything in the world, there are serious risks that can affect permanently such as:

  • Infection in the penis
  • Constant Bleeding
  • Bruising and Swelling
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of Sensitivity in the Penis

4.) Foods that Help Circulation

The Foods will not make your penis increase in size but if they are going to make the blood flow with greater intensity and strength towards your member, which will make your penis look thick and hard when it is erect, certain foods also have aphrodisiac powers which can help you even if you have problems with erection and erectile dysfunction.

What these foods do is help with blood circulation, sending a lot of blood to the member to make it harder, then I’ll give you a few examples of what are the best foods and home remedies to enlarge the penis although be momentarily.

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Dark chocolate
  • Apple
  • Red pepper
  • Orange
  • Tangerine
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries

5.) Dumbbells For The Penis

One of the most used techniques since antiquity to achieve lengthen your penis are the weights, is not scientifically proven at present, but the story says that the ancient tribes used this method to achieve increase the size of their manhood to more than 5 cm long, it is very painful and can cause injuries that is why I do not recommend it or crazy.

Weights also have their counterparts, such as:

  • Constant pain
  • Bruises
  • Temporary impotence

Final: If you are going to follow all the above methods then the results will be in your favor. But if you are not satisfied yet then we advice you to visit the main source at “Bien Dotado”. At Bien Dotado they have explained everything to grow penis, to boost your sex power & the more tips to have a full pleasure of sex.

4 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone Production

Our environment and modern lifestyle contributes to the free fall of our level of natural testosterone. Much faster than a few years, decades.

It is from 30 years that we begin to see a decrease in testosterone levels, so you have to boost rather than buying testosterone initially.

What Decreases Your Testosterone Mainly?

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Age
  • Junk food, particularly foods high in sugars
  • Overtraining
  • Overweight
  • The stress
  • Bisphenol A (found especially in plastic bottles)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol, cigarette

Here Are Some Tips To Increase Your Natural Testosterone Production

1) Power:

If one were to follow the process of producing your natural testosterone, we would see that she needs:

  • Lipids:you can eat walnuts, almonds, avocado, oils rich in omega 3/9 (walnut oil, olive oil), wild salmon, organic eggs the category 0, saturated fats healthy as coconut. All these good fats stimulates and increases your testosterone.
  • Zinc:shellfish such as oysters, lobster, veal liver, herring, egg yolks, beef, raw milk, kefir, so are foods rich in zinc prevents hair loss, Erectile disorders etc.
  • Magnesium:as one can consume in cocoa, nuts, almonds, coconut, brazil nuts, peanuts, spinach. Magnesium will allow proper development of muscle mass, improve your sleep and reduce stress (negative effect of cortisol).
  • Vitamin D: Thanks to a sunny environment all year (the sun at certain times boosts your vitamin D production) and or vegetable milk, eggs, you can have a good level of testosterone it shown in range of testosterone research. Feel free to supplement your vitamin D, especially in winter if you live in a country like France. Personally I consume vitamin D in winter months (3000 IU dosage is very good).
  • The Indoline: This is the anti-estrogen substance that resides in cruciferous: cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts). The indoline can regulate your estrogen production and thus avoid the transformation of testosterone into the female hormone. Consuming cruciferous you avoid gynecomastia, boost your fat loss, optimize your performance and muscle building.

2) Eliminate stress:

Stress is a chemical reaction supported by a hormone, cortisol. Cortisol opposes testosteroneand reduces its action. If testosterone is a hormone of happiness, it is because it reduces the harmful effects of stress: muscle tension, heart, fatigue, hunger, depression.

If you sleep poorly, not enough if you are not eating properly and do any physical activity to regulate your breathing and fight against stress, your testosterone will still be in free fall you should sleep at least 6H . A period of 8 hours would be optimal.

Pay attention to your rest, make from time to time massage if possible to be relaxed and try to be more zen possible. Sport will help you and you will avoid buying testosterone.

3) Physically Active:

Physical exercise and especially muscle increases the body’s ability to burn fat and boost your testosterone too. It’s stored fat that create this hormone, then your body fat should not be too low.

A low fat content causes a decrease in your natural production of Testo and therefore your libido and sperm production.

One study demonstrated the positive impact of good and regular sexual activity on life expectancy and the natural production of testosterone.

You can choose to buy testosterone, but see how physical activity can already increase naturally. Everything depends on your situation, your goals.

If you buy testosterone still interested, you can seek the advice your doctor to avoid the inconvenience that may cause harm dosed treatment.

4) A Booster de Text:

  • Buy testosterone is different from a testosterone booster natural which is a dietary supplement for Mr. Everybody.
  • A booster is a counter supplement. However, do not expect to have the effects you can find by injection. Say boosters used to boost your secretion if you have an abnormally low level or if you have more than 30 years.
  • Otherwise it will not be truly effective. It is better to focus on the 3 previous items.
  • Also be carefulto take a supplement and boost effective natural . For example, Terrestris Tribulus is sold in many shops, pharmacy and online, but he never showed any efficacy in men on testosterone levels.