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Bankruptcy Of Consumers Is Becoming More And More Popular

With the beginning of this year, regulations that significantly changed the model of consumer bankruptcy came into force. This is certainly the main reason for the avalanche of the increase in the number of bankruptcies announced. Between January 1st and mid-June, 490 private individuals have already fallen. Most of them are Mazovia, the inhabitants of the Opole Voivodship were the least beneficiaries of this institution. InfoMonitor estimates that the level of consumer bankruptcy this year may reach 1000.

The amended Consumer Bankruptcy Act has been in operation for almost six months. This was enough time for bankruptcy to announce several times more people than under previous regulations. Info Monitor forecasts that with such growth momentum by the end of the year, over 1,000 private individuals will be declared bankruptcy in California.

Experts from the BIK Group, which includes the Credit Information Bureau and the Info Monitor Economic Information Office, decided to look at bankruptcy. The analysis showed that among the 253 people who fell down to May 8, slightly dominated the ladies. There were 135 men while 118 men were men. The average bankruptcy age was 48 years. The youngest was 22 years old, the oldest was 79 years old.

The average amount of bank credit of the person declaring bankruptcy amounted to 163.7 thousand. zł. However, the long bankruptcy of the record holder was already in millions – PLN 1.75 million, more than 1 million zloty to give the banks also had three fallen.

The maximum delay of repayment of bankruptcy loans is 4285 days, average delay of up to 700 days.

Nearly Every Third Bankrupt Comes From Mazovia

Bankruptcy is not just about getting out of debt, but of losing everything you own. The maximum fall may be with the rent for an apartment for a period of 12 to 24 months, or possibly retain the property in exceptional cases where the creditor agrees. Bankruptcy can not be avoided or the alimony of the alimony or cancellation of pensions, court penalties and damages and damages for the harm done.