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5 Tips To Choose The Best Helmet For Your Bike

The use of helmets is mandatory and is that it reduces by almost 30 percent the chances of suffering fatal injuries and increases by 20 percent the chances of leaving unscathed from a traffic accident. For this reason, it is very important for motorcycle and moped drivers to choose the right protection. To do this, you can follow these five tips to choose the best helmet for your bike .

Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right size is the most important thing when buying a case and is that if it is loose will not protect you properly, you can get fired by an impact. It should be adjusted, without disturbing the driver. To know your helmet size you only have to measure your head above the eyebrows and ears. However, it is always best to try the helmet and make sure it is the one that fits your head best.

Types Of Hull

There are three large groups of helmets:

– Helmet integral : It is the safest since it consists of a single piece and protects the entire head, chin, lower face and jaw. It is the best set and therefore the most recommended.

– Modular helmet : It is a modular helmet with a flap, in the area of ​​the chin, that can be raised and lowered. It is very comfortable for people who wear glasses although the moving part makes over time create looseness. They are safe helmets, although they do not reach the level of the integral helmet.

– Open hull or jet: is the type of helmet less safe of the market since it leaves the face to the air, and the jaw and the chin are left unprotected.

Hull Design

The helmet design is a highlight within the five tips to choose the best helmet for your bike. It is advisable to choose a helmet that looks good, with a clear color that, in addition to becoming more visible, will protect you from high temperatures in the hottest months. In the current market there are helmets that reinforce this aspect, with reflective elements and fluorescent colors. Ventilation and closing are other elements to be evaluated by the driver.

Helmets Homologated

You only have to buy homologated helmets, since these offer the minimum security guarantees. If you buy the helmet inside the European Union must carry the letter E, the number corresponding to the country of homologation, in this case has been assigned the 9 for, and the current European ECE regulation R22-05.

If You Wear Glasses You Should Try It With Them

If you wear glasses or sunglasses to drive it is very important that you try the helmet with them before you buy it as it is possible that later you find that they bother you or they hurt you with the helmet put. In addition to these five tips to choose the best helmet for your motorcycle, Visit at it is important to note that there are coverage within the motorcycle insurance to protect the damage that the helmet may suffer in an impact. And it is that you must evaluate all the options when hiring the most appropriate policy in each case.