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Bankruptcy Of Consumers Is Becoming More And More Popular

With the beginning of this year, regulations that significantly changed the model of consumer bankruptcy came into force. This is certainly the main reason for the avalanche of the increase in the number of bankruptcies announced. Between January 1st and mid-June, 490 private individuals have already fallen. Most of them are Mazovia, the inhabitants of the Opole Voivodship were the least beneficiaries of this institution. InfoMonitor estimates that the level of consumer bankruptcy this year may reach 1000.

The amended Consumer Bankruptcy Act has been in operation for almost six months. This was enough time for bankruptcy to announce several times more people than under previous regulations. Info Monitor forecasts that with such growth momentum by the end of the year, over 1,000 private individuals will be declared bankruptcy in California.

Experts from the BIK Group, which includes the Credit Information Bureau and the Info Monitor Economic Information Office, decided to look at bankruptcy. The analysis showed that among the 253 people who fell down to May 8, slightly dominated the ladies. There were 135 men while 118 men were men. The average bankruptcy age was 48 years. The youngest was 22 years old, the oldest was 79 years old.

The average amount of bank credit of the person declaring bankruptcy amounted to 163.7 thousand. zł. However, the long bankruptcy of the record holder was already in millions – PLN 1.75 million, more than 1 million zloty to give the banks also had three fallen.

The maximum delay of repayment of bankruptcy loans is 4285 days, average delay of up to 700 days.

Nearly Every Third Bankrupt Comes From Mazovia

Bankruptcy is not just about getting out of debt, but of losing everything you own. The maximum fall may be with the rent for an apartment for a period of 12 to 24 months, or possibly retain the property in exceptional cases where the creditor agrees. Bankruptcy can not be avoided or the alimony of the alimony or cancellation of pensions, court penalties and damages and damages for the harm done.


Some consumers are thinking of borrowing after the bankruptcy, counting on the redemption of “old” debts, ie, created before the bankruptcy in california. It should be immediately recognized that this attitude is not morally justified, which the legislature gives expression in the law. The regulations impose a kind of guardianship on the part of the receiver, authorizing the bankrupt to enter into contracts only in the minor current affairs of everyday life. This term does not include the conclusion of credit or loan agreements, and even if the bankrupt has entered into such an agreement, it would be ineffective and the debtor would have to return the funds received to the creditor. Of course, such a situation would only be based on the assumption that the creditor did not know the status of his contractor – knowing that he was dealing with a fallen, would not make a contract explicit. Such situations should eliminate the fact that after the consumer bankruptcy is declared, the debtor ex office is entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors.Therefore, there is no real possibility of taking new loans and loans after declaring consumer bankruptcy and before the court sets a repayment plan .


The question is whether the debtor will be able to incur additional liabilities related to the loan or loan after the repayment schedule has been established and before the enforcement order is issued. The answer to this question will be the basis of art. 491 18 sec. 1 of the Bankruptcy Law, under which “During the execution of a repayment plan, fallen creditors shall not be entitled to exercise any legal action relating to its assets which could impair its ability to meet its creditors’ repayment schedule.” It was therefore proposed that a bankruptcy following the establishment of a repayment plan could not worsen its financial situation, and that the conclusion of a loan or loan agreement would be undermined. From this principle, however, the Act provides for an exception in Art. 491 18paragraph. 2 Pr. Under which “In particularly justified cases, the court, at the request of the bankrupt, may agree to make or approve the legal action referred to in paragraph. 1 “. This means that there would have to be “particularly justified” cases whereby a bankrupt can enter into an obligation and then apply to the court for approval of the obligation. This provision also allows the consumer to ask the court to approve the action after the legal action has been taken, but the application for approval will have to be even more convincing than the request for legal action. In the event of taking out a loan (without a prior approval of the court and not obtaining the approval of the court) the fallen would expose the plan of repayment and discontinue proceedings without the desired debt. It should also be added that the bankrupt will have to find a contractor (eg bank) ready to provide financial support, and this will not be easy. Summarizing:Once the repayment schedule has been established and the debtor is released only and exceptionally with the consent of the insolvency court, he will be able to incur additional liabilities in the form of a loan or a loan .


Finally, we can go to the question which is the most important one from the past, namely that after the court has canceled the obligations of the bankrupt, living with the “clean card” were (already) the debtor will have the opportunity to take new commitments? From a formal point of view, there is no obstacle for a consumer who has gone through a bankruptcy procedure under a bankruptcy law to sign a loan or loan agreement. After all, such person is ex office deleted from the National Register of Insolvent Debtors. However, in the practice of granting a loan or loan, the creditor (the bank) will decide, as always, the potential customer’s creditworthiness. And in the course of this study may reveal the circumstance of the past bankruptcy of the debtor. For example, the debtor will appear in the Banking Register,Bankruptcy may be, but not necessarily, an obstacle in the eyes of the lender to grant the former bankruptcy financial support . Perhaps the bank will require an additional collateral for such a person. Certainly, however, every case will be treated individually, and many banks will be guided by their own internal credit policies, which do not necessarily have to be restrictive to ex-bankers.

However, it should be remembered that a debtor who has already declared a consumer bankruptcy will be able to count on a further debt reduction in this mode only in 10 years.

What Lights To Buy

It’s time to acquire the lights. In part, it will depend on the size of your growing cabinet or the variety you are growing. If, for example, you have a short flowering period, a 90 W is ideal. On the other hand, if you are going to acquire them by valuing the surface, if this is less than 1 m2, there are 120 W lamps that will do their job well. For a little more space, but not too much more, there are those of 130 W.

On the other hand, for larger spaces, such as 120×120 centimeters, you have to bet for 200 W: they also serve for mother plants and it is easy to operate with them if you have a rail. Finally, the 280 W are great for SOG and SCROG crops. In any case, the closet space does not have to be very large: since the lights emit little heat, if we want to grow several plants at the same time we can approach them without risk to burn, so it is not necessary to invest money in one of them. large proportions. This factor, especially in summer, will help to make the temperatures more adjustable.

All bulbs described serve to phases of growth and flowering, but remember that also there for one and another phase, with a service life of 30,000 hours, and hooks a connection cable to the mains. These lamps are 26 W; If you need something more powerful, up to 440 W, try a Dominator 2X by Lush Lighting  which, due to its dimensions (103x27x13.3 centimeters), is ideal for a large closet.

LED lighting can also help you when observing trichomes. There are portable microscopes with LED lighting , such as 45X and x100 (45 and 100X, respectively), which check the good condition of the buds and if you are already fit for cultivation. They can also be used to monitor diseases and pests.

Warnings When Operating With LED Lights

Although all are wonders with the LEDs, we must take into account certain tips. At the beginning we warned you that the lights can not be at a certain distance. This implies that, if the plant is very tall or stretched, the light will have difficulties to reach the lower parts. But this factor does not mean that we have to discard this type of lighting, but we could bet on cultivation techniques such as Low Stress Training (LST) , with which we control the height by making the plants grow horizontally.

Since its potency is usually the same all the time and can last several years, LEDs are one of the best options to grow marijuana. It only remains that you do with the rest of the equipment for your indoor cultivation and that you put yourself with it. Good harvest! If you looking for LED Grow Light we have plenty of them ideal for different applications such as LED Aquarium Lighting and many others. Visit the given links to know more.

Components of A Multirotor

Multirotors are drones with more than two propellers driving on the aircraft. The most commercial and standard drone there is, the multirotor has many capabilities such as tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, and octocopter. The only differences are the number of motors and propellers and ESC’s, as well as the number of arms on the frame, and the required battery capacity. Tricopters are more agile, with fewer(three) motors and less time in the air. Quadcopters are pretty standard, with four motors and a decent flight time. The main problem is that with three and four motors, if one of them fails, then your drone is going to crash. On the other hand, with a hexacopter and octocopter, you will be able to land the drone if one motor fails. Hexacopters are safer for photography when it comes to flying with an expensive camera, but one motor failing will take away the yaw(rotating the drone left or right). This will force you to land. Octocopters are the safest bet when it comes to flying with a really expensive camera, because if one motor fails, the drone can continue with full functions.


There are lots of electrical motors out there for many purposes, but there are only a few that are good for a drone. Three motors will be needed for a tricopter, four for a quadcopter, six for a hexcopter, and eight for an octocopter. All the motors on the drone should be of the exact same size and weight, with all the same specifications. A typical type of motor on a drone is an outrunner motor, and all the motors on the drone need to fit with the ESC’s and the battery.

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC’s):

Electronic Speed Controllers are a very important part of a multirotor, because they are what changes the transmitter and Main Controller signals into actual speeds for the motor. These ESC’s have to be combined with the right battery and motor type, or they will burn out rather easily.

Main Controller Board (MC):

The Main Controller Board is most likely the most important part of a multirotor. Because there are more than two motors, it would be too difficult to control the multirotor manually, which is where the Main Controller comes in. The main controller is what automatically adjusts the motors at the same time to keep the aircraft level and to allow it to move with the operator’s input.

The main controller is like the brain of the multirotor, telling it what to do and how to do it. There are many companies that sell Main Controllers, and the more advanced, the more expensive. Some main controllers even have GPS capability.


The propellers are what the motors drive to allow the quadcopter to fly. There need to be two propellers turning counter-clockwise on opposite sides of the drone, and two propellers turning clockwise on opposite sides as well. This allows the multirotor to fly, because one rotation must counter the other. Propellers come in all different materials and shapes, and each one best for a specific type of motor.


The frame is what gives the multirotor its shape, its structure, and its stability. The frame is like the skeleton of a multirotor, supporting it while the motors make it travel in the air. The frame is also something that can be made out of many materials, but should be strong and durable and lightweight. Two good materials for a frame is carbon fiber and aluminum. These materials are both lightweight and durable. Aluminum has one fault though, and that is bending.

Transmitter & Receiver:

The transmitter and receiver are what transmit the information from the operator or pilot to the multirotor. The operator inputs what they want the multirotor to do on the transmitter, and the receiver receives that pieces of information and sends it to the main controller. The transmitter and receiver are usually a unique pair that can’t be used with other types. There are different types of channels on the receiver that correspond to controls on the transmitter. For example, there are channels for the motors, for the camera and gimbals, and for different flight modes.

Camera & Gimbals:

The camera and gimbals are optional equipment that are uses for photography purposes. The camera can be anything that fits in the gimbals with the gimbals still retaining enough power to move. The gimbals are what moves the camera around for a better shot of the filming, instead of having to rotate the multirotor. There are lots of them out there, some with cameras and gimbals together for a specific multirotor. The camera and gimbals also usually take up a channel on the receiver apiece.


The battery is what powers everything on the multirotor. Without the battery, nothing would work. The battery is usually built with a type of circuit connected to the ESC’s and the main controller, so that it would not burn them out if the battery was damaged. For multirotors, LiPo(lithium-ion polymer) batteries are usually used, due to the amount of power they give out and their capacity. The larger the battery, the more flight time, but it is heavier and also requires more time to charge.

On site multirotors, you can get all the information about the multirotors.

Balcony Railings And Their Necessity

There are some places in the home that need extreme protection. They are the balcony, the staircase and other outdoor spaces in the home. Especially when you reside in older buildings, the balconies may not be safe for children. The barrier that provides protection and security to the balcony is called railing. The balcony railings ae made of wood or some metals such as iron.

How Are The Balcony Railings Beneficial To The Home?

The important point to consider in the balustrades of the balcony is safety. The material from which the handrails are made is not taken into consideration, the only thing that must be considered is to see if it is properly attached to the building.

– In addition to providing protection, it adds beauty to the home during installation, which has a direct impact on the value of the home.

– The material that is most commonly used for the construction of balcony railings is made of metal. Materials that are robust are the most commonly used for the purpose of construction, as they are strong enough to provide support. In addition to being very strong, metal balcony railings come in several designs. The decorative design work on the balconies gives an elegant perspective to your home.

The balconies are always present at a certain height from the basement of the building. In general, there are three types of balconies, they are false, false and true balconies. Of which, the false balcony is used mainly for decorative purposes, through which it improves the architecture of your home.

Points To Consider When Selecting A Balcony Railing

  1. Consideration in terms of provision of security.
  2. The type of material used.
  3. And to what extent it helps in the decoration of the home.

The railings used on the balcony should be cleaned from time to time; it must be kept clean of dirt, dust and dirt. Whenever you have the idea of installing something in your home, the priority is safety. There are certain building codes, which serve as a guide in the planning and design of your home. In any case, building codes must be followed properly to ensure the safety of people in the home.

As already noted, in addition to providing security, the balcony railings serve as a tool to improve the visual appearance of the house. The balconies are highly dangerous, if there is no guardrail installation. Be sure of the railings you buy, whether they are properly placed in the building structure and have the ability to support the weight.

Since then, the railings are the most important part of the balcony; you have to be sure if it is made of the best material. When installing the best railings for your balcony, you do not need to worry about the protection of your home.

How To Reform A Bathroom Easily

Even a big hand can reform a bathroom  of a house completely; Wall, tiling, flooring and toilets with easy, cheap and simple arrangements, without resorting to faces, and often dirty and slow works, we just need to put a bit of our part, a little patience and the handyman we carry inside. So this article is aimed at how to change a bathroom easily, for little money and without bricklayers to transform it into a new one.

The walls, the floor, the toilets, the accessories, a whole  small or large bathroom can be completely renovated by anyone who is not a handyman, without resorting to the expensive design and the annoying masonry of the specialized houses, thanks to cheap and simple tricks that of course, we must follow certain guidelines and advice for best bathroom designs Sydney .

Bathroom Planning And Design

This will be one of the key points both to avoid problems in the reform while it is running, so as not to waste time or have to spend more money than we had thought. Understanding that we already have clear what we want to reform, the steps to follow to restructure and renew would be:

The Plane

First we must measure the entire room where we are going to practice the reform (Remember to measure the height) and make a small sketch to have a clear perspective of both measures and form. It is necessary to indicate in the plan the points of drains (Bath, bidet and toilet – toilet) and the outputs of cold and hot water (Sea for bathtub, washbasin … etc).

If it is large enough, we can make a division of shower area, sanitary area and washroom.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

Second, we will decide how much money we are going to spend. You have to put a cap, yes or yes! … (At the end of the article we will see how to calculate the budget of a bathroom easily) but the most unique items are:

  1. Sanitary Sink, toilet and bidet are the main ones where we must also include the bath or shower
  2. Tiling – placated. Whether to cover all walls or only, for example where the shower tray is located.
  3. Floors Here all types of ceramic flooring come in, including slate or smooth concrete.
  4. False ceiling. Depending on the height characteristics and the installations, it will be advisable or not to include a false ceiling, although as a rule it is advisable.
  5. Facilities. This is a sensitive issue depending on whether the locations of the different toilets are in the same place or another location.
  6. Furniture. Here the possible complementary furniture and the different accessories would enter. We could say that this is a complementary item.

To buy materials for  cheap bathrooms and even furniture and we can buy them cheaper we must opt ​​for specialized online stores (It is the only way to go cheaper).

Distribution And Design

Now we have to decide on the design we want and its distribution. So look at specialized websites, catalog, magazines … etc. And always having a relationship and coherence between the money we have and our final design, so this section goes in conjunction with the previous one.

How To Find A Good Survival Knife At The Best Price?

From the beginning, the most important thing is to know exactly your personal needs; it is necessary to analyze this if you want to locate a benevolent penknife, then after comes the subject of the tariff.Its two elements marry well in practice but in theory it is more difficult and it is not for all that we will give up, our goal is to ensure that you find your pearl rare in this area. This article will give you all the information from the offers available on the market with the alliance of quality and the most affordable price possible.

What Exactly Is A Cleaver Of Survival?

An indispensable tool that will be very useful when you go out in a hostile environment or DIY at home . It is your main ally in all locations especially in extreme conditions that can be very dangerous.

His Other Designations

They are also known as fitted pebbles, Swiss cutlass, opinel or kitchen knife, etc. It’s simply the hatchet that we have in a threatening or stressful situation, regardless of its form and competence .

His Repetition Of Employment

This should not be overlooked because the choice depends on it, a chopper that will be used frequently must have more feat and pluck than another rarely used.

His Helpful Utilities

Good equipment must have a multifunctionality that is to say it must be able to assist you during your escapades for example to build a shelter with the branches and leaves you need to cut; to dig to fix the maintenance of your refuge or to find water; clear the way to cook and make fire, to fashion objects and many others.

It may be that an obstacle gets in your way which can put your life in danger, it must have the ability to rescue you at any time . Therefore, if you are a camper or an adventurer, it is more Although it is obligatory to have one because nature may be calm, however, it can give us bad surprises, it is better to prepare and have a defense weapon in hand.

The Various Kinds Of Hunting Dagger

They are available in two types  : a foldable chopper and the constant sword.

The first one that is folding has multiple uses in addition to being affordable and could be used in all occasions.

The second is considered the most credible compared to the other because it does not break easily so it allows the user extreme maneuverability without risk.

Criteria To Be Considered

To discern the good plate: it is the most essential fraction of this utensil, without it, the penknife is worth nothing at all. Therefore, it is essential to make the right selection; those forged are stronger and therefore more resistant to shocks.

The comfort of the grip: it is its confection material that must be seen to prevent it from slipping, there is also the shape adapted to the size of our hand.

The silk, the longer it is, the more the serasolide knife with respect to the blows; its extension must be equal with the size of the trencher.

The alloy of the plate is an element which ensures unequaled tenacity, it is to its function that the knife will be flexible.

To Find A Good Price

As we said earlier, it will not be easy but accessible. When you have finished discerning your expectation, you will be more sure of exactly what you are looking for, so you now have to compare the costs with the different sales stores  ; the easiest way is to get in touch with an online quote calculator so it can find it faster. You do not have to move, you already save a lot of time; then the money is earned when you buy more precisely what suits you. It may be that what is adjusted to your need costs only tens of euros while you buy Csgotradezone knives a more expensive, lack of knowledge.

Finding The Right Job – But How?

There are numerous ways to find a job – but how do you find the right one? And what can be done to make the job search easier? Monster gives answers.

“I need a job!” Every day thousands of people have this idea, regardless of whether they already have a job or not. Because usually is not meant any job, but the dream job. There is not the one, right way to go to job search. Tips from friends, a look in the newspaper or a visit to a job portal – the possibilities to find the dream job are numerous and very different.

It is best, however, when you first consider where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Then you should change your question – not “How do I find a job?” Is the crucial question, but rather “What do I have to offer a company?”. So you may discover career opportunities that you had not considered before. The following tips may help you:

Think big . The leading companies and organizations in the country can be an interesting option in job search, because they are almost always looking for employees. So instead of going through job descriptions, look at the company search simply once company profiles . If you focus on the big names in the industry, it can pay off in the long run.

Evaluate your skills from a new angle. Think about whether your professional skills are interesting for the private sector as well as for the public sector . In the public service, too, skills are often required, which would otherwise be assigned to the private sector. Perhaps it is time to change the work sector? So take a look at the pages of public authorities and other employers.

Use your social network. Meanwhile, more and more people are finding jobs about their social environment. Keep an eye on the social networks on the Internet, as full or part-time jobs can also be found.

Do not restrict yourself geographically. If you do not find a suitable job in your region, then you should expand the search box. For your dream job, a move to another city may be necessary – but if your career plans meet, it is worth it in any case.

Change the industry. If you feel you have a job, you can get a change of the department for fresh wind. In tourism , for example, quite different skills are required – accounting, IT, marketing strategy and human resources. No matter what you bring for your abilities, there is certainly a professional opportunity in a different industry that is just waiting to be discovered by you. This gives you completely new possibilities – so take a look around the industry.

Do not just look on the Internet. While there are many tips on career planning online , jobs can also be found off the Internet. Shop shops, for example, often make prominence in the shop window when they are looking for new employees. Newspapers, especially local newspapers, are also a good source to keep up with job developments. You should also think about.

For more information and tips about the finding latest job vacancies in nigeria visit:

How To Choose The Best Quilt Sets?

Duvet sets come in a wide range of models, materials, and included pieces, so when choosing the best duvet sets, first determine what your needs are for your bedding. You can quickly restrict your search by looking for best quilt sets that will fit your bed: king-size beds will require king duvets, while queen-size beds will require queen duvets, and so on. Once you have determined what size of set you need, be sure to consider whether the comforter set includes pillow cases. The cost of the set will also help you narrow down your search.

Common duvet sets include the duvet itself, a bed skirt and pillowcases or covers. A bed skirt is a piece of material that, essentially, hides the bed frame and the space between the bed and the floor. It is very often the same pattern and material as the duvet cover sheet, and can be edgy or straight. The comforter set you choose may include a bed skirt to enhance the overall appearance aesthetics of the bed, but keep in mind that adding a bed skirt will increase the price of the set. Shams are decorated with covers that are more decorative than a traditional pillowcase. The farce may have a ruffle or some type of extended seam, and it usually matches the pattern of the quilt and bed skirt. It is not uncommon for duvet sets to include two duvet covers,

If you want even more color and design options for the duvet sets you buy, consider reversible duvets. These duvets feature two patterns or colors, one on each side of the bedspread. You will be able to change the look of your bed quickly and easily by just flipping the comforter over. If sleeves or bed edges are included in the set, be sure to note if they are reversible.

Comfort is, of course, the most important consideration when choosing comforter sets. Some duvets are made with synthetic filler that is light and warm, while others are made with goose feathers, which is also very warm; Goose will, however, requires more maintenance than a quilt with synthetic filler, as the washing instructions will change. Duvets are best used in the winter, while synthetic fill quilts can be used in the spring and fall as well.

How To Choose My First Rc Plane. Coach

At the moment of beginning with these exciting hobbies that is the aeromodelismo we present a very important doubt to us; good and where do I start? Well the answer to this question depends a little on what we hope to achieve with this hobby.

There are people who just enjoy flying planes and not building them and another that enjoys flying and building them.

When we start in this world first we must learn to fly and for this we must acquire a series of knowledge that will also facilitate a later construction of an airplane.

It is important that we are not in a hurry to achieve our goal that is to fly our plane. It is highly recommended to have people around us who know the subject to advise us and teach us how to fly, however I know people who have learned to fly by breaking planes. Nowadays, not just the kids, but adults too have the craze to learn flying toy planes and with regard to the subject of learning, we have something easier since there are many flying toys for kids and adults in 2017 available in the market or on the internet.

Aircraft With Tail Wheel

In the case of airplanes with tail wheel to take off we should accelerate pulling the depth (the lever on the station) down to keep the tail glued to the ground while catching speed and be able to straighten the plane down the runway. Once we have enough speed we will release the depth a little so that the tail will rise and we will pull it again to air. If we lift the depth lever a lot after gaining speed, the plane will flicker resulting in a propeller breakage and even a possible breakage of the tail steering rudder. In addition to the roll on the track as the fact of turning towards for example the right turns the tail to the left at the beginning can create confusion.

Tricycle Train Aircraft

With the tricycle train aircraft we have two wheels under the wings anchored to the fuselage or the wings themselves and a steering wheel in the front of the plane. With this configuration the plane will never flip unless we do it by purposely chopping the plane (the depth knob up). In addition the airplane will gain speed with all three wheels perfectly in contact with the track allowing us to rectify its direction, until we pull deep in the moment of taking off the ground. If we build the plane we must place the rear train behind the center of gravity of the plane but not too far away since then the four produced by the center of gravity of the plane and the support of the wheels would be very large and would make the airplane it was very difficult for him to lift his nose off the ground to take off.

With all this we will choose our airplane trainer with ailerons and tricycle landing gear. As for the motorization I advise you the combustion engine, this will allow you to fly with a bigger aircraft and therefore more stable. For large airplanes the electrical equipment is expensive (variator, batteries of lipo, motor) and for me it is easier to lower the plane to the ground to fill the deposit and to return to fly instead of waiting to recharge the batteries, forcing me to have several of them (more money), but eye this is a matter of taste, there are people who enjoy a lot with the electric models but I think that to begin we need a plane of a wingspan of between 1.20 and 1.50 meters to be very stable and for these cases using electric propulsion would be very expensive or at least more expensive than acquiring a combustion engine.

For glow fuel engines the ideal is to have a .40 or .46 engine that will be more versatile then when buying another type of aircraft, although with a .25 we can already fly a trainer calmly 1.20 meters wingspan. We must abide by the recommendations of the aircraft manufacturer or those specified in the drawing if we are building it ourselves.

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